EFFECTIVE iron management
across the dialysis spectrum

Improving Hb and iron stores in adult HDD and PDD patients

Venofer improves hemoglobin (Hb) without increasing epoetin in HDD-CKD1, 2

efficacy fig1

 Primary end point achieved

  • 78% (60/77) (95% CI, 68.5 to 87.3) attained target Hb level >11.0 g/dL at 1 or more intervals within 5 weeks after completing Venofer therapy

Venofer improves iron status in HDD-CKD1, 2

After a 1 g total treatment course

  • Significant increases in: transferrin saturation (TSAT), serum ferritin, serum iron
  • Significant decrease in total iron-binding capacity (TIBC)


efficacy fig2


Venofer improves anemia and iron indices in HDD patients intolerant to other intravenous iron dextran and/or ferric gluconate1-3

In iron deficient HDD patients with intravenous iron dextran intolerance after a 1 g total treatment course:

  • Statistically significant increases in mean Hb, hematocrit, serum ferritin, and TSAT were observed from baseline to end of
    treatment (day 24)


efficacy fig3


Venofer replenishes iron stores and increases Hb in PDD patients4

Peak Hb increase was higher in patients receiving Venofer plus ESA than in patients treated with ESA alone

efficacy fig4

Less anemia intervention for Venofer PDD-CKD patients4

Anemia intervention occurred later and less often for Venofer treated patients*


efficacy fig5


*Anemia intervention defined as an increase in ESA dose, administration of nonprotocol intravenous iron or red blood cell transfusion.