Assisting dialysis patients

and their families and friends

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Venofer Patient Assistance Program

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Venofer (iron sucrose injection, USP) may be available at no charge for dialysis patients with CKD anemia
who are currently:

  • Uninsured or underinsured
  • Meet specific clinical criteria as determined by your doctor
  • Receiving Venofer at free-standing dialysis clinics
  • Qualify for assistance based on a low income standard related to federal poverty guidelines

You must also be a US citizen, legal entrant in the US, or permanent resident. Proof of citizenship or legal residency
may be required.

If you are eligible, Fresenius Medical Care will supply Venofer free of charge to your healthcare provider while you
are enrolled in the program.






To find out if you are eligible

Your doctor may apply to the program on your behalf by either:


  • Calling the Venofer Patient Assistance Program and applying over the phone
    • 1-877-MyIron1 (1-877-694-7661)

Product provided through the Venofer Patient Assistance Program may not be billed to patients or any other third-party payer, including Medicare/Medicaid.

Disclaimer: This web page is not intended to provide legal, medical, or other professional advice. Fresenius Renal Pharmaceuticals makes no representations or guarantees regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information presented here and has no obligation to update the information to reflect changes in laws that may affect reimbursement for Venofer. For assistance with legal or medical issues, you are urged to consult a qualified professional.

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